“Point B” is a coaPoint B Website soloching and counseling, husband and wife team dedicated to helping people find their way through changing and/or difficult life circumstances and phases .   Kathy Shenk is a licensed marriage and family therapist  and licensed mental health counselor, and Jeff  Shenk is a  professional mediator/ life coach and life recovery coach.  “Helping Navigate Your Journey” expresses their desire to assist their clients in not only coming up with their destination, or “Point B”  (what they want to see happen/change, where  they want to go, what goals they want to accomplish, what their ideal end result will be, etc.), but to also look at where they are, their “Point A”, to determine what strengths they have to help with the journey, and what challenges / barriers they will need to address or overcome in order to get to their destination (the positive outcome).  Both Jeff and Kathy then work with clients to come up with a plan or “map” for navigating the road between their Point A and Point B, sometimes making stops, detours, or shortcuts along the way!

Although Jeff and Kathy have independent practices, they are both Gottman Educators who present marriage workshops as a team. They work within the community providing  psycho-educational classes and they accept speaking engagements individually or as a couple for organizations and churches as well.

Jeff and Kathy both run their practices from a biblical worldview.  This means that although the tools, helps, education and resources they offer can support people from many faiths or no faith, they have a personal committment to live and work from a Scriptural perspective.   For their clients of Christian faith, they  are also able to offer a spiritual emphasis and support that cannot be found in secular counseling and coaching.   

Point B Counseling and Coaching is located at 4001 Main Street – Suite 226

Our office is in the Cooper Chiropractic Building on the corner of 40th and Main.  

 Jeff and Kathy Shenk